North Texas

Highland Village Storm Sirens See New Upgrade

The new system will be installed in April

In North Texas, when severe weather approaches, preparation is key to a proactive defense. The City of Highland Village recently approved funding for upgrades to its outdoor warning siren system.

According to city officials, the system will add an extra layer of protection for residents. One major benefit is that the new system will be powered by solar-charged batteries.

“Regardless of power loss, weather, or even a cyber attack, we will still have power through each of the sirens,” said Deputy Chief Travis Nokes of the Highland Village Fire Department. “We will also be able to activate each individual siren based on the geographical area of the storm."

Highland Village currently has five outdoor sirens which are activated through the police station dispatch center. The new system, which will cost approximately $50,000, will have three points of activation: the dispatch center, Office of Emergency Management, and the National Weather Service.

“When The National Weather Service detects a storm coming through our area, they can activate the system right then. It will give people more time to prepare,” said Nokes.

Council members also approved an additional $250,000 for security upgrades to protect the system from hackers.

The new system will be installed in April.

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