Highland Park Suspected Burglars Caught on Camera

Police are working to identify two people who were caught on camera burglarizing a Highland Park home on Monday.

Officers responded to a call from a homeowner in the 3100 block of Princeton Avenue who remotely accessed his home camera system while he was away and saw the back door was open. 

Police didn't find anyone inside or outside of the home when they arrived, but they did discover damage to the back door and the door frame consistent with being kicked in.

When the homeowner got home, he confirmed the theft of two large screen TVs, two laptop computers and a wrist watch.

Surveillance video from the home shows a man ring the doorbell, wait at the door for a bit, then walk away. He repeated this two more times.

Police say black Nissan Versa Note was also parked in the alley at the time of the robbery. 

Highland Park Department of Public Safety released surveillance videos in hopes that it would lead to information about the identity of the suspected thieves.

Anyone with any information related to this case should contact Detective M. Donahue at 214-559-9362 or

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