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Highland Park Police Warn Of Phone Scam With Callers Posing as Officers

A person holding a cellphone.
NBC News

The Highland Park Department of Safety warns of a phone scam where callers pose as a local police officer.

According to police, communication specialists received reports of two phone calls where the scammers left voicemails posing as a "Sgt. Richard Rash" with the Highland Park Police Department and referenced "important legal matters to discuss."

The HPDPS said that the next step would include demanding payment from a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer, which are red flags.

In March 2019, Highland Park police issued a similar warning about phone scammers posing as officers.

Anyone who receives a call from someone falsely claiming to be with the Highland Park Police Department is advised to not give out any personal information and to call police at 214-521-5000.

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