North Texas

High Water Closes Facilities at Benbrook Lake, Others

Recent rains have dropped more water than some North Texas lakes can handle, flooding out parks, campgrounds and even marinas.

One of the worst areas of flooding is Benbrook Lake, which is all but inaccessible even for most boaters.

"This water is something else. I can't believe all this water," said Tommy Pittman, who take a day off his job in the oil business to go fishing. "It is like a nightmare for these people."

At the marina, the walkway is completely washed out. You need a boat -- to get to the boats.

"Just paddling around, going on an adventure," said Carissa Wyss, who was kayaking Thursday with her dog Annie. "I mean the flooding's not so great but the water itself is nice."

The U.S. Corps of Engineers is releasing water from Benbrook Lake at the rate of 1,200 cubic feet per second. But if they release too much too fast, the concern is it'll only cause more flooding downstream.

Joe Pool Lake also has seen flooding issues.

Lake Worth is now open to boat traffic but lake visitors are urged to use caution when boating because storm debris may not be visible.

The high water at some lakes may not recede in time for the busy Memorial Day weekend, so the best advice is check ahead if your favorite lake spot is open.

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