High Temperatures Have Rangers Players Ready For Retractable Roof

It’s hot in Texas in late June.  This is not a surprise.

“I was out yesterday with my kids at Six Flags, and all I could think about is how to get to the shade to get out of this heat,” Rangers catcher Bobby Wilson said.

“Everybody knows how hot it gets here,” Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus said.  “You kind of get used to it, but you never get used to it.”

That could change with the new proposed Texas Rangers stadium in Arlington, which would include, much to Rangers players’ delight, a retractable roof.

“A roof, it would be nice,” Andrus said with a smile.  “To be able to play in a nice temperature every day, I think the pitchers and everybody would appreciate it.  But we have no roof yet, so we have to go out there and be smart and be prepared and ready for every game.”

And being smart includes having a game plan to handle the heat.

“A lot of hydration,” Wilson said.  “Plus, changing undershirts and jerseys throughout the game.  But most of it is hydration.”

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