High School Football Fans Ready for Triple-Digit Heat

Fans still tailgating as heat advisory has school districts ready with water

High school football is a sure sign of fall, but this first full Friday night of games is getting a blast of summer heat.

A heat advisory remains in effect for North Texas until Sunday evening. But it isn't stopping players and fans from hitting the field and stands.

The Carroll school district is ready to keep the expected 10,000 attendees hydrated at Dragon Stadium. The stadium's walk-in cooler is full of drinks.

"You can't even walk in here; that's how packed it is," said Mary Brunig, the district's child nutrition director.

The district has 50,000 drinks, including 40,000 bottles of water, ready to sell during the game as it hosts the Allen Eagles. And when the game is over, that cooler will be empty.

Brunig said she has no doubt that fans will be ready to watch the game in the heat, saying the district has done a good job of getting the word out. But still, her staff will be ready to serve -- even with concession stands getting as hot as 120 degrees because they lack air conditioning.

"People will be lined up here (outside the stadium) pre-game, so we'll be selling water before they even get in the gate, and then we'll have barrels inside, so they can go to certain stations just to get the water," Brunig said.

They're able to sell water outside the gates because, on this first night of football, the district is allowing fans to bring in a single, unopened bottle of water so they can stay hydrated.

But the triple-digit heat isn't scaring anyone off -- even from working a 300-degree grill.

"It doesn't matter how hot it is, we're going to have a good time here in Southlake," said Mark Mattlage.

He and his friends started tailgating at 8 a.m., ready for the Dragons to take on the defending state champs and staying cool in the process.

"Everybody will have plenty of water and Gatorade," Mattlage said. "We got our ice tea sitting right there from Chicken Express to keep us hydrated."

"We take our football serious here in Southlake," Mattlage said.

And there will be serious heat. The field measured at about 165 degrees around 1 p.m. on Friday. The metal bleachers fans will be sitting on approached 120 degrees.

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