Her Heart Will Always Be in Texas

Make no mistake: After living, traveling and working all over the world, Janine Turner's heart will always be in Texas.

"I wrote a song on the album, 'Mockingbird Hill,' and my ranch's name is Mockingbird Hill, and it's about Texas. No matter where I go, my soul remains in Texas and my heart in Mockingbird Hill."

The actress is probably most known for her role as Maggie O'Connell in the critically acclaimed television show "Northern Exposure."

"My heart will always be with 'Northern Exposure,' because I think it was just so ahead of its time and really hasn't been replicated," said Turner.

"The minute 'Northern Exposure' got picked up, I bought a pickup truck, a horse and looked for two years for land to purchase my ranch, so I just want to be home," said Turner.

You can catch Turner in her most recent role as Katie McCoy in the NBC show "Friday Night Lights."

"The cast is really great, the actors are very loving and kind and inclusive," said Turner.

Turner hasn't slowed down since first venturing to New York City when she was just 15 to start a modeling career.

"It's like the first half of my life was geared towards my mother, and this (her ranch and living in Texas) is my father," said Turner.

Since then, she has mastered acting, writing, producing and directing. She most recently added singing to her long list of credentials.

"I kind of say it's God's album, so wherever God wants it to go," said Turner.

Her album "Mockingbird Hill" is a collaboration of love between mother and her daughter, Juliette.

"The target audience is progressive country," said Turner. "One minute it's sort of Emmylou Harris; the next minute Juliette sounds like Norah Jones."

Turner can be considered an inspiration to single parents, often speaking to parenting groups about the challenges they face

"Being a single parent, you do it all from morning to night," said Turner. "I think that one of our songs is 'Diamonds in the Ebony Sky.' It's about seeing the light in the deep blue heavy."

"Sometimes we didn't set out to be a single parent, and I don't think very many women or men would choose to be a single parent," said Turner. "But sometimes that comes along, so it's like, 'How do we cope?' Our children are watching how we cope."

Just talking with Turner, you can tell that her 11-year-old daughter Juliette is her priority beyond everything else.

"My daughter is my pride and joy -- my blessing from God -- so now it's all about raising her up right," she said.

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