Help Wanted: Name This Baby Chimp

The Dallas Zoo is asking for the public's help naming their newest baby chimp.

Chimpanzees Ramona, 21, and K.C., 12, showed off their first child to the public for the first time on Thursday.  The baby boy was born at 6 a.m. on Sunday, April 19. 

The Kimberly-Clark Chimpanzee Forest exhibit residents had been removed temporarily as they became accustomed to the new family member.

Now that everyone has had time to bond with the baby, the next task is figuring out what to call him. So the Dallas Zoo is holding a naming contest.

The winner will receive a one-year family membership to the zoo along with a photo and certificate -- to back up boasting about being the little ape’s first "Adopt-An-Animal" parent.

Entry forms are being accepted through the end of the month inside the Dallas Zoo and through their Web site

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