Helicopter Rescues Sachse Police Officer Trapped in High Water

A Sachse police officer had to be rescued Friday after his patrol car got stuck in high flood waters.

The officer stopping traffic on Pleasant Valley Road when he got into trouble.

"The officer was on Pleasant Valley Road blocking the road where water had come up just to the south of him,” said Sachse Police Department spokesman Lt. Martin Cassidy. “While he was there the water crested the road just to the north of him, and surrounded him before he could get out."

It took two hours to rescue the officer.

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"Wylie swift water rescue was here to try to make the rescue,” said Lt. Cassidy. “The water was moving too quickly for their hover craft. They couldn't get to him."

The officer was finally rescued when the Department of Public Safety brought in their helicopter. They lowered a rope down and hoisted the officer out of the raging flood waters.

The officer was in good health after the rescue.

"He is fine,” said Lt. Cassidy. “He is a little shaken up, a little nervous. He, like I have, lived in the area all his life, and he has never seen the water this high in this area ever."

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This was not the only rescue at this location on Friday. A woman had to be rescued from her vehicle as well. The Wylie swift water rescue team was able to get her.

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