Cory Smith

Heavy Winds Cause Major Damage in Irving

Residents in Irving spent their Friday night cleaning up after a fast-moving storm left a trail of destruction Friday afternoon.

"The wind just started picking up and picking up. It seemed like it was just a big burst all of a sudden," said Justin Walker. "I've lived in Irving 58 years so we've seen a lot of awkward weather come through, but this was the weirdest one."

Walker said the storm passed in just a matter of minutes, but wind gusts of more than 50 miles per hour snapped tree limbs and downed several utility poles. Oncor technicians were on the ground shortly after the storm trying to return power to the affected areas.

Lance Wilson rode out the storm with coworkers at Freeman Mazda. At one point he thought they were in the middle of a tornado.

"Everything just started spinning. We just saw debris. We thought it was hail at first. Everyone started going into the restroom because (the building) has glass everywhere," he said.

When Wilson returned home the damage in his neighborhood was extensive.

"My neighbor's tree, literally, it's almost out of the ground. He got lucky that it fell forward," he said.

Resident at the Spanish Trace apartments were not as lucky. The high winds blew the roof off one unit. Residents were forced to salvage all the belongings they could and find shelter elsewhere.

After the storm passed Walker started rebuilding his fence. He said it's the only silver lining he could find after such turbulent weather.

"I needed a new fence anyway," he said.

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