Heavy Winds Cancel Flights at DFW Airport

At least 115 departures canceled Monday

Powerful winds forced airlines to cancel more than 200 flights to and from DFW International Airport on Monday, creating headaches for stranded passengers.

An additional 35 flights were canceled in and out of DFW Airport on Tuesday morning due to storms in other areas.

Blizzard conditions in other places also wreaked havoc on airline schedules.

By Monday evening, airlines had canceled 115 departures from DFW, said airport spokesman David Magaña. Most of them were because of the intense winds.

"It's really unusual," he said.

The airport remained open Monday night. Wind speeds were just below the threshold for closing most of the runways, he said.

Hundreds of passengers became separated from their luggage.

"My bag made it to my destination. I did not," said Catherine Willis, who was trying to get from North Carolina to Killeen and ended up stuck at DFW Airport.

Kajuana Donahue was trying to find her bag after her flight to San Angelo made it halfway before it returned to DFW.

"It was like the luggage was held hostage on the plane," she said.

Passenger Lolly Montelongo told NBC 5 the winds forced her and her family to drive from San Angelo to Dallas to catch her flight.

"We made it safely," Montelongo said.

Forecasters predicted the heavy winds would diminish on Tuesday, but passengers were urged to check on their flights before going to the airport.

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