Even Highway 377 Thinks It’s Too Hot

Section of the highway in Fort Worth buckles


The sizzling heat caused a section of Highway 377 in southwest Fort Worth to buckle on Tuesday, and road crews predict more failures as the triple-digit temperatures continue.

"Any time you have extreme weather, you have the potential for problems on the roadways to occur," said Texas Department of Transportation spokesman Val Lopez.

Crews closed the northbound lanes of Highway 377 north of Interstate 20 for several hours while they made repairs.

"The concrete has expanded, and it's caused the road to tent up in one particular area," Lopez said.

The fix for such problems is simple, he said. Workers cut out the bad concrete and replace it.

Asphalt is more flexible and doesn't usually buckle in the heat like concrete, Lopez said.

"We're going to be looking for it," he said. "We won't be surprised if we see it, and we're able to mobilize very quickly."

Have you seen any other spots that have buckled in this week's heat? Let us know in the comments section.

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