Hearing-Impaired Woman: I Couldn't Hear Carjacker

A carjacking victim who is partially deaf says she thought her attacker would kill her because she couldn't hear him.

Kim Kelsey, 39, was carjacked and robbed during her lunch break Tuesday while she was parked under a shady tree in a shopping center on Garland Road in Lake Highlands.

"I just kind of froze," she said.

Police said the robber forced the Garland wife and mother to drive to the nearest ATM and withdraw as much money as she could.

"He was getting mad at me for crying, and he was yelling at me," Kelsey said. "I told him that I couldn't hear him and showed him my hearing aid."

She said she asked the robber if he could roll up the window so she could try and hear his instructions. She thought her difficulty hearing would cost her her life, Kelsey said.

"I was just waiting for a bullet in my back," she said, wiping away tears.

After withdrawing $400 in cash, the man dropped Kelsey off in a parking lot about a mile away.

Investigators found her Mitsubishi Galant abandoned in the same parking lot where she was carjacked.

"I feel really lucky," she said. "That's the main thing, that I'm OK."

Dallas police said they are reviewing surveillance video from the bank to see if they can identify the robber. Detectives also dusted Kelsey's car for fingerprints. 

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