‘He Was Going to be Something Special' Mother of Murdered Toddler Speaks Out

Rory Norman, 1, was gunned down Sunday morning. The murder has stunned top Dallas leaders while the killer is still on the loose.

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A heartbroken mother is speaking out, hoping others will not remain silent about the shooting death of an innocent child.

The shooting death of Rory Norman early Sunday morning, among the latest murders in Dallas, stunned and angered top city leaders.

The toddler’s killer or killers remain on the loose.

1-year-old Rory Norman. Picture provided by family.

Instead of planning Rory’s second birthday, his mother Ebony Miller is planning his funeral.

A funeral that will feature his favorite colors: blue, red and black for his favorite show: Paw Patrol.

“I knew he was going to be something special,” said Miller of her only son.

“He was handsome,” she said. “He played the drums. He’d beat on anything. We have broken TVs because he beat on the TVs.”

The boy with the sweet face and energetic spirit was full of life and potential.

“He was going to have a great impact on the world,” said Miller.

The dreams of a mother were dashed in an instant at around 3 a.m. on Sunday as the family slept in their Bonton neighborhood home in South Dallas.

“We was woken up to my brother Jaylon screaming: Help! Pops! Mom! I’ve been shot,” she said.

Miller was able to grab her daughter and fell to the floor as bullets pierce their home.

A family member asked about Rory.

“I ran back to the room and he was just laying there,” said Miller. “So I picked him up and.. it was his face.”

The toddler was gone.

Shot and killed two weeks shy of his second birthday.

“We have nothing but good memories of him,” she said.

Dallas police previously stated they believe the shooting was intentional.

In the days since the shooting, Miller has been left mourning her only son and defending her baby brother, computer software engineering student Jaylon Miller.

The 20-year-old was shot five times from his shoulder down to his leg but survived and is improving rapidly.

20-year-old Jaylon Miller holding his nephew Rory. Picture provided by family.

“My brother is a very smart young man. No gang-related, no violence. He is a church person,” she said. “The truth will come out eventually and you will know it was not intended to me or my brother.”

Miller hopes someone will recognize video released by Dallas Police showing a dark-colored Dodge car speeding from the scene at approximately the same time as the shooting. Detectives believe the driver or occupants may have information that could help them in their investigation.

“We’re talking about an innocent 1-year-old so if you do know something just say it,” said Miller.

The family is planning a candlelight vigil for Rory on Saturday at about 6 p.m. at Rochester Park in Dallas.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account for Jaylon Miller’s recovery costs.

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