‘He Lit Up Like a Star,' Sanitation Workers Lift Spirits of Biggest Little Fan

After learning a young boy was hospitalized, Dallas sanitation workers band together to lift his spirits

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When a group of Dallas sanitation workers found out one of their biggest little fans had been in the hospital, they got together to lift his spirits.

Beckham's mother Jessica didn't want to go on camera, but she shared a video with NBC 5 from her Ring camera showing several sanitation workers from the city of Dallas bringing gifts to her son who was hurt in an accident.

She told NBC 5 every time the sanitation trucks would pull up that Beckham would race to the door to wave at the workers and haul the bin back to the house.

When the workers learned he'd been hurt and had been in the hospital, they went above and beyond to brighten his day with some gifts, including a balloon and a monster truck, after he returned home.

NBC 5 caught up with the driver, Kevin Ray, who made it all happen.

Ray said the little boy, who is about 5 years old, normally greets them and, like a lot of little boys, loves to see the big trash truck.

"[We] blow the horn. They like that. We like what they like. We like to make them happy and see the smiles on their faces. It's pretty nice," Ray said.

After learning of the boy's accident, Ray said they wanted to do something to bring a smile to his face.

"I ran it across the guys and we thought we'd put our minds together, stop by and check on him, make sure he's OK," said Ray, a truck driver with the Dallas Sanitation Department. "Stop and got him some little toys, monster trucks. Man, he lit up like a star in the sky."

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Kevin Ray, with Dallas Sanitation Services.

Ray, who has been with the sanitation department for seven months, said seeing the little boy smile made their day as well.

"When my helpers handed him a bag of toys, he's, 'OMG, OMG, is this a monster truck?!' He was very excited to see that. Just made our day," Ray said. "It was very touching to see him after we heard about his accident, him coming to the door. His smile was just so beautiful, so big."

Ray said the little boy lifts their spirits as well and that their weekly visits make the day go by a little faster.

"He's a little bright kid, always smiling, in a hurry to help out. Makes our day go by a little bit, lightens our day," said Ray. "Us having kids, grandkids, we enjoy seeing kids happy … the nature of why we do what we do sometimes."

Ray said he wishes Beckham a speedy recovery and looks forward to seeing him every Monday.

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