Hawk Impaled By Stick Released Back Into Wild in Dallas

The red-tailed hawk was rehabilitated by a nonprofit specializing in helping wild birds of prey

A red-tailed hawk got a chance to spread its wings on Saturday and fly to freedom.

In February, Bryce Butler happened to be walking through Valley View Park while taking a work break when he found the injured bird.

The hawk had a stick impaled straight through its body. It's unknown how the bird was injured.

"Anytime I see any kind of creature in need, I try to help and try to get it some attention. Usually, I end up bringing stuff home so I'm glad it didn't turn out this way," Butler joked.

He immediately called Blackland Prairie Raptor Center, which specializes in rehabilitating birds like vultures, hawks and owls.

The group discovered that the stick was impaled in an area that affected the hawk from being able to eat. It was malnourished and emaciated, and the injury was infected.

After surgery, the group nursed the bird back to health over the course of a month.

"They were super quick to come out. They mostly work with volunteers, and even then it's amazing what they can get done," Butler said. "His recovery was super quick. It was great."

Affectionately named "Twiggy", the bird was released back in the area near where he was found. A large crowd showed up to watch Twiggy fly to freedom, including some of Butler's friends and family.

If you come across a bird of prey that is injured or in distress, give the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center a call at (469) 964-9696.

Click here to learn more about them and support their efforts.

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