‘Harvey' the Hurricane Hawk Ready for Release in Plano

"Harvey," a hawk who gained notoriety for taking a free cab ride to escape the effects of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, will soon be released back into the wild.

William Bruso was the driver of that cab.

"He just kinda hopped on in and doesn't want to leave," Bruso said in a video he posted to YouTube on Aug. 25.

Bruso said he tried many times to shoo the bird off, but it wouldn't budge.

"He's not afraid of me. He's actually kind of comfy, cozy right now," Bruso said.

He's actually a she. It turns out Harvey is a female.

After some time in the cab driver's home, Harvey eventually landed with the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition.

They originally thought she had a broken wing, but she didn't — she was just stressed.

After it became clear she wanted to fly, Harvey was brought to Blackland Prairie Raptor Center in Lucas, where a large, outdoor cage was waiting.

"She's been eating very well, getting great flight out here, getting good exercise. So this bird is ready to go back into the wild," said executive director Erich Neupert.

Harvey will be released at Oak Point Park in Plano where there's plenty of room to soar.

The park and nature preserve spans thousands of acres, which is great for the Cooper's Hawk, since she's a bird hunter.

"There's going to be plenty of habitat. Perfect place. No stress for this type of bird," Neupert said.

After all, she's had enough adventure.

Harvey is still young — less than a year old. She'll be set free Wednesday afternoon.

NBC 5 has learned that Bruso, the Houston cab driver, is planning to drive up to be reunited with her one last time before she takes flight.

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