Harvey Evacuees Arrive In Dallas By Planes and Buses

As Hurricane Harvey bore down on the Texas Gulf Coast, people scrambled Friday to get seats on the last flights to leave Houston.

"They were hurrying everyone to try to sit down and put our bags up, because we had to leave in like 10 minutes or else we wouldn't be able to leave the terminal or gate," said Ellie Hamstra, who flew on Southwest Airlines from Houston to Dallas Love Field.

Two women changed their Sunday travel plans to leave town on vacation before Harvey hit.

"If we had failed to get out of Houston by 6 or 7 tonight we would be there until next Monday or Tuesday before we could go anywhere," said Dee Sullenger, of Sugar Land.

"Now we worry about whether our houses are going to be there when we get back," said Francis Moores, of Sugar Land. "There's always that possibility. That;s a lot of water in a short time."

The White family took a Greyhound bus from Houston, arriving in downtown Dallas with other passengers who also decided it was time to leave Friday.

"We saw Galveston and it was super crazy before it actually hit Galveston. It was windy, and I was like nope, I can't stay here," said Alexis White, of League City.

"It was pretty scary," added Sharaffeh Tabarsi, of Webster. "So, right now, they're saying there are tornado lookouts and all that taking cover, so yeah, we need to get out of there."

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