North Texas

Hard Lesson For Young Drivers After Deadly Plano Crash

The tragic car crash that killed two Plano teenagers and injured a third has parents across North Texas talking to their teen drivers about safety behind the wheel.

Samantha Sacks, 16, and Lilly Davis, 16, were killed when their car struck a tree late Friday, according to police. Kendall Murray, 16, was in the car with Sacks and Davis and remains in critical condition, her family said.

At the Driving School of North Texas in Frisco, Frank Morehouse says he tries to stress to his students that speed can kill.

"We have to be alert, we have to observe, scan, see what's ahead of us, beside us and behind us. But we have to be able to follow that speed limit," Morehouse said.

Instructors at the school are taking extra time to talk with their students about safety after Friday's deadly crash.

"We try to reinforce the importance that their own life and the life of their passengers and the life of every other driver and passenger on the road is in their hands," said Lin Rosequist, with the Driving School of North Texas.

The parent of a 16 year enrolled in the driving school, Sheila Elliott, spoke with her son this weekend about the Plano crash.

"Talked about safety, and why we don't want our kids out late," Elliott said. "But mainly about safety and you only have one life and you don't want to waste it."

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