Texas Rangers

Hamels Throws Shutout Inning in All-Star Game

A hidden message for the Rangers?

Cole Hamels, a four time All-Star selection, delivered a solid performance in the thrid inning of the All-Star Game. While it took him five batters to get through the inning, he got through it without giving up a run.

Hamels, who started his appearance surrendering a single to eight-hole Carlos Gonzalez, got all three outs while Chicago Cubs were at the plate. A coincidence, in the eyes of most, but hopefully a foreshadowing event as the Rangers take on the Cubs this weekend. 

In other news that fairs well for the Texas Rangers, the AL took an early lead in the All-Star Game, which is important to playoff contenders because the MLB All-Star Game determines who gets home field advantage in the World Series. The game is still on-going.

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