Hallie's Heroes At It Again To Find Girl's Bone Marrow Transplant In New Music Video

The group Hallie's Heroes has created another music video to help find a North Texas girl her bone marrow match.

Once again, the Fort Worth Fire and Police Departments are banding together to help a North Texas girl find a bone marrow donor, while also raising awareness about a rare disease. 

NBC 5 first introduced you to Hallie Bea last year, when she appeared in a viral music video set to the tune of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" with Forth Worth first responders in an effort to find her a donor. 

Hallie was diagnosed with Diamond-Blackfan Anemia (DBA) at 15 months of age. She is now nine, and still hasn't found her match. 

Hallie continues to thrive because of doctors, medicine, and blood transfusions, but the only "cure" for DBA is a bone marrow transplant.

On Wednesday evening, the members of Fort Worth's police and fire departments came together once more to create another music video for Hallie, this time set to P!nk songs. 

"We are so honored and continue to feel blessed by the community of real-life heroes who love our girl, and who truly embody the spirit of saving lives," says Elyse Barnard, President of Hallie's Heroes, and mother of Hallie Bea Barnard.

If you'd like to learn more about Hallie's journey, you can visit the Hallie's Heroes Facebook page. 

Hallie's Heroes has registered over 4700 new potential donors to the Bone Marrow Registry.

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