Expect Hail Sale Soon at Fort Worth Dealership

More than half the inventory damaged by golf-ball sized hail

A car dealership in far north Fort Worth took a beating during Monday night's hail storm.

Golf-ball size hail stones damaged more than half the fleet of cars parked at Allen Samuel's Auto Group on Golden Triangle and Interstate 35W.

Don Banashak was working security at Allen Samuel's when the storm moved through. Banashak ran into the building to escape the hail. 

"When I went in the garage and I heard the hail hitting that roof, it was pounding so hard," said Banashak said. "It was like it was going to go through that tin roof. It was really loud."

Most of the cars parked on the lot have dents on the hoods and side panels and many have cracked windshields. A few had windows completely shattered by the hail. 

Allen Samuel's doesn't have an exact estimate of the damage, but repair costs could run upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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