Hail Repairs Slow Going With So Many Claims

Many people are still trying to clean up from March storms that hit North Texas and repair shop owners are working overtime to fix cars banged up by hail.

The March 16th storm in Fort Worth and Arlington caused an estimated $600 million in losses. Another $700 million was lost a week later, according to the council. In each storm, about 40,000 vehicles were damaged.

Officials with Service King Collision Repairs, which operates 34 shops in DFW, said the large number of claims is taking weeks, if not months, to complete repairs. Each location varies in wait times, but the company told NBC 5 that some might not be able to start on repairs until mid-June.

The Insurance Council of Texas said there is $1 billion in insured losses from March's hail storms across the state.

Insurance claim tents remain open in parts of Tarrant and Collin Counties and pop-up hail repair places also remain in business.

If you saw damage in separate hail storms, you have to file separate claims. You shouldn't wait to file the claim, but will likely have to wait to see repairs.

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