Habitat for Humanity Home Built in 30 Hours for North Texas Family

Hard at work, volunteers are helping build a home in North Texas in just 30 hours for a woman and her three children.

The 30-hour build began Thursday morning and will end Friday through FTS International, in partnership with Trinity Habitat for Humanity. It is in honor of Trinity Habitat for Humanity's 30th anniversary at their campus in West Fort Worth.

The home will soon be owned by Godeberthe "Gigi" Rutsinzi. She and her three children have lived in Texas for five years, after they immigrated from Africa 10 years ago.

Rutsinzi grew up in Rwanda. She lost her entire family in 1994 following the Rwandan genocide and was placed in an orphanage before she was adopted.

She was 14 years old.

"God blessed me to get a visa to come to this beautiful country, where I feel safe," Rutsinzi said, as she held back tears. "God gave me this country for a reason."

Life in the United States would prove to be challenging.

Rutsinzi said when she first arrived, she lived in New York and ended up in an abusive marriage. She and the children eventually moved to Fort Worth, where they started over.

Right now, they live in an apartment in North Fort Worth.

"I've been homeless. I was in a domestic violence shelter, Safe Haven," she said. "From what I was going through, I never think this would happen to me. I never think my life would change."

But as the walls of their new home were built quickly Thursday, Rutsinzi said her hope was being restored.

"I want these kids to appreciate, first, everyone who put money, volunteering -- to appreciate them. When they grow up, they [will] learn how to give back," she said. "This is changing my life. Without support from everyone, this would never happen to me. Thank you."

Trinity Habitat for Humanity officials said once the home was completely built, it would be placed in Fort Worth's Como neighborhood. They said they expected the family to be fully moved in early 2020.

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