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Spurs' Tim Duncan Gets Slam Duncan O's Breakfast Cereal

Power forward behind honey, chocolate breakfast cereal

Spurs superstar Tim Duncan has his own breakfast cereal.

For a limited time H-E-B grocery stores is selling Slam Duncan O's, a honey nut oat cereal where the Os are the hoops and the chocolaty puffs are the basketballs.

Tim Duncan's Slam Duncan O's are available for a limited time only.

"We wanted to commemorate his legacy as one of the most beloved Spurs’ players of all time," H-E-B said on their webpage. "we’ve made it so that everyone can make a slam dunk, just like Tim."

To ensure all customers are able to spend a morning with the power forward, purchases are limited to six boxes per customer.

Each 11 ounce box retails for $2.98 and are available online for shipping within Texas.

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