‘Guardian Angel' Pastor Arrives Just in Time to Wake Up Dallas Woman in Her Freezing Home

Her friends alerted a nearby church when they couldn’t reach her by phone, hoping someone could arrive as soon as possible to check on her

Lola Gomez/The Dallas Morning News

As the temperature in her Dallas home dropped, Carol Uberbacher gathered piles of blankets and bundled up in three layers of clothes.

Uberbacher was among the 4 million Texans who lost power this week as the state’s electrical grid failed in the wake of two winter storms.

When her friends couldn’t reach her by phone Tuesday morning, they discussed their options. Driving to her home would be difficult with many roads still unpassable. So they started working the phones.

Pastor Bobbyray Williams was working on his Sunday sermon at Living Word Missionary Church, just a tenth of a mile from Uberbacher’s home. He grabbed his heavy coat and headed down the street to Uberbacher’s home.

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