Growing Dallas-Based Ride Share Service Employs Police as Drivers

A Dallas-based ride share service that employs only off-duty or retired police officers as drivers is expanding.

“It offers a great service to people, and that’s what I’ve pretty much done my whole life is serving the public,” said Tim Atkins, a retired police officer and firefighter who now drives for Bubbl.

The company started in August 2016 and now employs 60 drivers, each of whom must each pass rigorous background checks.

“They still feel that they’re providing some type of service back to the community,” said Bubbl’s Mike Mendez, a retired Dallas police detective. "Plus,  they feel that they’re providing security to whoever they have in their cars.”

Right now, Bubbl drivers serve about 150 people each day in the Park Cities and Frisco, but will expand to Plano and Richardson beginning Dec. 11.

"Plano is a natural next step because with Highland Park, Frisco and Plano, we can cover, that’s a lot of ground, and Bubbl specializes in those quick, short trips,” said Bubbl CEO Alex Miller.

Bubbl rides start at $17, and most of the reservations made online or by phone are for older adults and young children riding alone.

“Those mommas and daddies are trusting us to take care of their kiddos. So it's a good feeling.” said Atkins.

“Its very comforting when you get older to know you have somebody that will protect you, should something happen,” said Annie Sparks, of Dallas, who took Bubbl to her favorite restaurant.

The company is ready to expand beyond North Texas and is now planning to begin service soon in Denver and Colorado with Austin and Houston expected to follow.

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