Grocery Prices Continue to Drop

Prices of bread, milk, ground beef all down in Texas stores

The cost of eating in appears to be dropping.

According to the Texas Farm Bureau, prices are falling at the grocery store -- down 3 percent over the past six months.

In just the past three months, the Farm Bureau's Grocery Price Watch list found the price of boneless pork chops dropped 44 cents to $3.04 per pound.

Tomatoes went down 32 cents to $1.36 per pound, and bread dropped 10 cents to $2.20 per 24-ounce loaf.

But some savvy shoppers are seeing even bigger savings.

"I'm a huge price shopper," said Misty Hughes, of Arlington.

Between falling prices and using coupons, the mother of a 15-month-old has been saving between $10 and $15 every week on her grocery bill for the past several months.

"Milk used to be like three bucks," said Hughes, who grabbed some for less than $2 per gallon at a Krogers in Arlington on Tuesday. "We go through using two of these a week ... so that's $2 for every two gallons that we save."

When she checked out, Hughes discovered she spent about $30 less than she did a week before.

"Can't beat that," she said with a smile.

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