Grocery Clerk Helps Stop Purse Snatcher

A man who police say attacked and robbed two women in two northeast Dallas grocery stores is in jail, thanks to a grocery store clerk.

Clerk Princton Pierson was sacking groceries inside the Minyard's at Mockingbird Lane and Abrams Road when he heard a commotion.

"I just heard a bunch of screaming at the door and people yelling, 'Her purse! Her purse!'" said Pierson.

According to court documents, Arthur Spearman had just bear-hugged a 62-year-old disabled customer, threw her down on the ground and ran out of the door with her purse.

Pierson said he didn't think twice. He just ran after the guy, and together with another man tried to tackle the robber in the parking lot.

The robber, who was Twice Pierson's size, got into his car and sped away, but not before Pierson got his license plate number, a solid description and the woman's purse back.

Pierson said it was his gut reaction..

"I don't know. I really don't know," he said. "It was just something that God put in my heart."

Dallas police said 20 minutes later, the same man went inside a Tom Thumb across the street and attacked and robbed another woman. In that case, police said he told the woman he had a gun.

According to an arrest warrant, officers used Pierson's description to track the vehicle and arrest Arthur Spearman, 48, for aggravated robbery at his home on July 3. Court documents state Spearman admitted to police he committed both robberies to support a drug problem.

As for Pierson he said he is glad no one was seriously hurt and hopes the store will offer him more work hours

"I always try to do one good deed a day," said Pierson. "No good deed goes unseen, you know. So I'm really glad. I'm really happy."

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