Grinch Steals Christmas From North Texas Family

Denton Police replace gifts stolen from family

Though a "Grinch" got away with one family's gifts just days before Christmas, Denton Police have found a way to make Christmas brighter for the family.

The Denton Police Department and Walmart teamed up to give the Paulton family the Christmas they deserved. The three kids were each given $120 gift cards and free reign of the store.

"We have little Christmases, little birthdays," Trishia Paulton said. "[The kids] aren't used to getting stuff, picking stuff out."

Trishia Paulton and her three children shopped their way through Walmart in Denton, checking off their Christmas wish lists.

"It really makes me happy, because my brother, he goes around and is all smiling and holding these little toys in his hand. It makes me really happy to see my family happy," Trishia's daughter Marshia said.

This holiday joy comes after a devastating situation.

"They had taken stuff from under the tree," Trishia said. "They had taken ornaments off the tree."

The Paulton's home was burglarized on the same day the single mom graduated from college.

"It takes a special kind of person to actually break in and take someone's presents," Denton police officer Wade Laughlin said.

"It is that time of year, so I am glad we were able to help," Laughlin said.

Denton Police are still following up on leads and trying to put the "Grinch" that literally stole Christmas behind bars.

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