Grieving Mother of Arlington Teen Wants Answers

The mother of the Arlington teenager who fell out of a friend's sport utility vehicle and died early Saturday morning says she needs more answers.

Lelys Leyva-Monreal, 17, was with four friends at about 2:45 a.m. Saturday on South Cooper near Park Row when it happened.

Police said, according to their interviews, Monreal was hanging out of a back seat window and one of her friends tried to pull her back inside. But Monreal fell out, hit the ground and the Suburban she'd been riding in struck her.

“There are no words,” the teen’s mother, Maria Leyva, told Telemundo in Spanish. “I want my girl. I know it’s not going to be possible, but I want peace in my heart knowing how she left.”

This happened just feet from where the teen went to school at Arlington High School. Police said the driver stopped and the three remaining passengers got out to check on their friend. But the driver drove off.  Police found that driver. No word yet on any charges.

“Those responsible must pay with all the weight of the law,” said Leyva. “Nothing more.”

Leyva said she's talked to all four people who were with her daughter in the Suburban, including her boyfriend. Each seems to have a different version of events, adding what she considers unnecessary mystery to her misery.

“Because there is four different versions now about how she exit by the window — She was in the middle of two persons,” said Leyva.

The Arlington Police Department said the group of friends left a Dallas club and the driver was on his way to drop off the group at an Arlington apartment.

Investigators said they're looking into whether alcohol was a factor in the teen's death.

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