Gridlocked: NBC 5 Kicks Off Its Week-Long Series Covering Transportation

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, or where you’re going, there’s one place we’ve all been: stuck in traffic. It’s the reality for many of us every single day.

NBC 5 drove from Fort Worth to Dallas (with many stops in between) asking travelers about their daily commutes.

Joel Agrinsoni told us he leaves an hour and a half before work because of traffic.

“My commute is from Cedar Hill, Texas to DFW Airport and I work as a dispatcher for DFW airport PCI.”

For Luz Barron, she said her commute is, “typically, it’s just 15-20 minutes.” Her mindset for facing traffic is relative. “So you know, if you’re having a good day and you’re not really in a rush—traffic is like a break, it’s not really bad,” Barron said.

It’s those ‘other days’ we all have to worry about . . . unless, you’re not the one driving.

“If your car broke down or whatever you need to take the bus! Take public transportation—it’s cheap,” Douglas Hammonds said.

Hammonds said he is a disabled veteran and public transportation gets him to the VA hospital in Dallas. “I don’t miss my appointments and I don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot—I’m right there!” Hammonds said.

Waiting on a train in Dallas, is fashion-design student Jasmin Miles. “Yes, we just finished finals, this is finals week so it’s insane,” Miles said with a laugh.

She spoke highly of Dallas’ public transportation but admitted to one slight frustration, “When the trains don’t run on schedule, and you’re running just in the nick of time for class, just the waiting for the next train or finding another way to commute,” Miles said.

Dallas visitor Kristy Kiernan was also waiting for a train not far from Miles. “So I’m waiting on the train to go to the airport to take me back home,” Kiernan said.

Kiernan said the train to the airport is saving her almost $45 in cab fare.

“Personally, I really like public transportation. I kind of like to get to see a little bit of the city and the people who live in it and you kind of just get to live like a local a little bit,” Kiernan said.

But unfortunately, public transportation isn’t always an option. NBC5 is taking a closer look at other transportation problems and possible solutions from start to stuck, in our week-long series called, “Gridlocked.”

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