Gridlocked: Interstate 30, Texas 360 Interchange Project

If you’ve been to a Texas Rangers game, Dallas Cowboys game or Six Flags Over Texas, you’ve probably driven through the Interstate 30-Texas 360 construction project currently underway in Arlington.

Texas Department of Transportation's Val Lopez said the new interchange will provide drivers with direct connection between the two highways.

"When they first made the turnpike in the late '50s, it was not direct access because it was a toll road," he said. "What this is going to do is increase mobility and safety for the motorists who go through here on a daily basis and also come to the events in the venues near this area."

Lopez said the nearly $250 million project will look similar to other interchanges in North Texas, like the High Five and the Mixmaster.

Construction is expected to last until 2020, but Lopez said they will open different phases of the project as they become completed.

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