Greenville Walks to Remember Murdered Teen

Exceptional show of solidarity for family and community in mourning

More than a thousand people walked from Graham Park to the school bus stop where 16-year old Alicia Moore was last seen alive Saturday.

They filled Walnut Street outside Greenville's Graham Park and with a police escort, set out for a mile-long march to remember and remind.

"We are Alicia. We are Alicia," marchers chanted for a short time.

Alicia Moore's family, friends and hundreds of people who live in town but don't know them donned the teen's favorite color purple and walked with a purpose.

"We just want to be able to support the family," said one woman while walking briskly. "Her family needs to know that she matters and people care," said another.

Alicia Moore's mother said she appreciates the sentiment.  "It makes me feel real good to know all these people are out here to support the cause," said Aretha Moore.

They walked to the school bus stop where the 16-year old was last seen alive getting off her bus last week. 

After the walk, people continued to add cards and stuffed animals to the memorial at the bus stop.

Reverend Phillip Williams of St. John Missionary Baptist Church told the crowd he hopes this tragedy can lead to positive change.

"We have this mentality it's not my family, not my business, I don't care. It's time we drop that, put that aside and become a unit," he said.

Greenville area businesses pitched in to offer a $15,000 reward for an arrest in the case.

Anyone with information on her disappearance is asked to call the Greenville Police Department at 903-457-2900 or Crime Stoppers at 903-457-2929.

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