Greenville Church Breaks Ground a Year After Being Damaged by Storm

The old auditorium was torn down eight weeks ago

Greenville Church Groundbreaking

A little over a year after storms damaged Highland Terrace Baptist Church in Greenville, the community broke ground Sunday on a new church.

During the storm that damaged the church, high winds blew the roof off of sanctuary.

Steve Payne, the minister of music, said it's been a long, slow process. He added that the church received funds to rebuild the church from the insurance settlement, though they may still have to raise a little bit in the end.

Members of the church said that they would like for the building to be completed and for them to be in the building by July 4, 2021.

If that were to happen that would be 45 years to the day since they first moved from close to downtown to that property. They moved in July 4, 1976.

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