Green Fashions Are Not Just a Color

Strada Verde's home is a historic bank building on Mckinney's downtown square.  It's been renovated, revitalized and somewhat recycled, though you might say perfectly tailored for its fashions.

Strada Verde is Italian for "Green Way," said owner, Mary Wills.

The eco-boutique will celebrate it's one-year anniversary next week, appropriately on Earth Day. 

The store has beenn selling fashions that are enviornmentally conscious.

"Everyone is going organic as far as food," said Wills. "People are concerned these days about what they eat -- what about what you put on, what you wear?"

Wills features clothing and shoes and accessories from local, national and international vendors.  All of it, enviornmentally safe, made from organic cotton free of pesticides and dyes, recycled materials or plants like bamboo and hemp.

Some of the items have stories behind them, like the bags that read "I used to be a tire" or purses made from old fabric intended for car seats.

Wills believes the idea of living green is catching on in North Texas and that she used to get laughed at for the mere mention of a eco-boutique in Texas -- especially from distributors and friends on the West Coast.

Wills is getting the last laugh, a successful business in the heart of a historic area that's become a destination for pesdestrian shopping.

The best part of all for Wills, for the first time in years she feels good not only about her bottom line but also about what she's selling.

"That's the beauty of this -- showing people that you can have something wonderful and it be enviornmentally friendly," said Wills.

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