Green by Two Wheels Instead of Four

When it's nice outside, Realtor Amanda Johnson pedals to work.

"I spent $75 filling up my tank, and I thought, I can ride my bike everywhere I need to go," said Johnson of Dave Perry Miller & Associates.

On her bike ride, the real estate agent gets a better feel for the University Park neighborhood.

"I see all the scooters in the front yard, or in the back of the driveway, so you get a feel for which blocks have the teenagers and which have the little kids," said Johnson.

Johnson's "green machine" is easy to spot because it's usually parked between other real estate agents' SUVs.

"Some people think it's a little quirky, some people think it's a great idea, you know, being green is in right now," said Johnson.
Besides saving on gas, Johnson said her little yellow bike with a squeaky wheel has other advantages.

"I don't have to worry about parking, I can stop, zoom in, zoom out and I can cover a lot of ground," said Johnson.

Johnson's two-wheel tour helps the environment, but she admits it also helps her business.

"I have had several people stop and say, 'Oh, you're on tour! let me ask you about the house down the street,'" said Johnson.

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