Grapevine Neighborhood Fights Possible Bridge Project

A group of Grapevine residents plan to fight a proposed $8.1 million bridge project that would extend Heritage Avenue.

“We moved here with the intention for having a lovely quiet neighborhood,” Leslie Sans said.

Sans, her family and many of their neighbors who live near Heritage Avenue said a bridge would drastically change their lives.

“It's literally right behind our fence in our backyard. My children play out there all the time. The noise pollution would be just too much,” she said.

Across the street, John Dolri said after 31 years in the community he is fearful of what this would mean.

“The quiet will not be here because we will have trucks going down right behind the fence over there,” he said.

Dolri said he is also worried about environmental factors.

“The trees mean a big deal for me also and too many of them would go down,” he said.

"It's connectivity within the city," said Paul Schaefer, whose group Connect Grapevine supports the project. "It's mobility for people who live south of central Grapevine, like I do."

Supporters said the bridge would improve neighborhood access and emergency response times.

“Is it worth it to have more accidents and more people potentially hurt, making so much more traffic over here? I don't know,” Sans said.

They said the bridge would mean they would likely have to move on.

“We are getting kind of old so our alternative would be to move,” Dolri said.

“We would probably move and it would go down and that's tragic and we love it here,” Sans said.

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