Grapevine-Based GameStop Investigates Possible Security Breach

GameStop officials said they are investigating a possible data breach.

The Grapevine-based retailer said the possible data breach involves customer data and credit cards. The possible breach specifically impacts online shoppers and is suspected to have happened between September of 2016 and February.

A web security blog reported that card numbers, expiration dates, addresses and the security IDs on the back of credit cards are all compromised. According to the blog, it's possible all of that information is now up for sale on the Internet.

GameStop has provided little information about how many people may be affected.

If you made any online purchases between September and February, here are Samantha Chatman’s solutions:

  • If your credit or debit card is saved on your GameStop account online, delete it.
  • Change your username and password.
  • Check your bank statement to monitor any suspicious activity.
  • If you do spot something, contact your bank immediately.
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