Granger to Face Primary Challenge From Former Colleyville Council Member

A former Colleyville City Council member is challenging 12-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Kay Granger (R-Fort Worth) for the Republican nomination in Texas' 12th U.S. congressional district.

Chris Putnam said he has already raised $500,000 in the first week of his campaign.

"I think that is clear evidence that there is a big appetite out there to do something different at this point," Putnam said.

Putnam spent 30 years in the technology business and served one term on the Colleyville City Council. He said he thought the district needed a more conservative Republican.

"People again are hungry for somebody who has more of a business background like the president, who looks at the problem fundamentally differently," Putnam said. "And comes in with a reform platform, you know, to fundamentally change things and changes the way Washington does business, as opposed to the way that we have been doing things, which is clearly not working in congress.".

Granger has raised more than $751,000 this year and has more than $362,000 cash on hand, according to her campaign. Monday, she released a statement on the race.

“I have never run a campaign against an opponent or his money. I have worked every day to benefit my community and the nation and will continue to do so. I am committed to working for jobs to support the great people who build the F-35 at Lockheed, for the teachers who guide our children to believe in America and live out our nation's principles, and entrepreneurs, who start their own companies like the one I started and ran for 20 years. I will do so by continuing to help our president keep this economy growing and make our borders safe. I am confident I will have the resources to not only continue the support I have, but communicate with people new to District 12 about my proven track record of success and service and my continued energy and vision for the future.”

Lisa Welch and Al Woolum are running as Democrats in the district.

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