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6-Year-Old Makes Critical 9-1-1 Call to Help Grandmother

On Wednesday, Melody Griffin, 6, was at home in Irving with her grandmother, Maxine Paris, who is a diabetic.

Paris says she had some type of reaction to medication, and fainted. She didn’t come out of it, but that is where Melody came in.

“She truly is my hero and I truly believe she saved my life,” said Paris.

Paris has gone over what to do in an emergency with her granddaughter many times. Melody tried to wake her 'Mimi' up, and quickly called 911.

Here is what she said at the beginning of that call:

"Um, um, my Mimi is not waking up and I can't wake her up,” said Melody to the 911 operator.

With some help, the 911 operator was able to figure out the address and summon paramedics. Once authorities arrived, Melody was able to show them all of Paris’ medications, so they could pinpoint the problem.

Paris spent the next two days in the hospital.

“I don't know what to do if anything happened to her,” said Melody.

Now Paris has a message for all caregivers: be prepared.

“Make a list of contact numbers. Make a list of medications because you never know when you are not going to be responsive,” said Paris.

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