Infant Slashed in Battle Over Sausage Biscuits

This is taking "food fight" to a whole 'nother level.

Walter Reed Booker, 52, was arrested Thursday for charges of aggravated assault and injury to a child after police said he tried to attack his grandson in a dispute over who ate all the sausage biscuits.

Police reports said Tony Kirk, Booker's grandson, "discovered that somebody had eaten all of the sausage biscuits that he had purchased earlier" and asked Booker if he had eaten them. An enraged Booker fought with Kirk until Kirk barricaded himself in a bedroom where Kirk's sleeping infant lie.

"Booker, now armed with what was described as a butcher knife, kicked the door open and went after complainant Kirk in an attempt to stab him," the report, published in the Dallas Morning News, said.

Booker attempted to stab Kirk, but missed and cut the 6-month-old girl on the arm. Kirk and the child's mother, who was in the house as well, were unharmed.

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