Grand Prairie Trucker Finds Undocumented Immigrants on His Roof

Man and two young girls turned over to Border Patrol

A truck driver on Friday helped capture three undocumented immigrants – who were hiding on the roof of his cab.

Bob Hollin of Grand Prairie hauls vegetables from Edinberg, Texas, to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Usually it’s just him, the highway, and his 3 pugs, who travel by his side.

But when he stopped at a truck stop in Edinburg, he couldn't believe his eyes.

He thought he saw somebody on his roof, hidden under the air dam.

"Stuck the mirror up here, and that's when I noticed something wasn't right and there was a body up here,” Hollin said.

He called police.

An officer responded and sure enough, a man crawled down.

"I thought it was just one person, but you don't know,” Hollin said.

Then, a little girl came down.

"I was really shocked and surprised,” he said.

And then another.

"It's like, 'How many more's coming out?' It was like a clown box,” he said.

They were undocumented immigrants with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

"I'd like to know where they came from, what their story is,” he said.

The three were apparently a father and his two daughters and told police they had hoped to get to Houston.

Hollin was hauling his vegetables through North Texas, all the way to Michigan.

"Somebody's going to get sick or die, especially young kids,” he said.

The Edinberg police officer who responded to the truck stop turned the three over to the Border Patrol, Hollin said.

An Edinberg police spokesman told NBC DFW so many people are crossing the border, it's an "everyday thing."

People, even families, are frequently caught while trying to catch a free ride on a semi, heading north, however they can.

"This definitely tops everything,” Hollin said.

The U.S. Border Patrol says there’s a recent “surge” of undocumented immigrants crossing the southern border.

Just last month, agents arrested more than 47,000.

It’s so busy in the Rio Grande Valley, where Edinburg is located, that 150 agents have been moved there temporarily.

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