Grand Prairie Tax Foreclosed Properties Up For Bids Soon

Grand Prairie to welcome bidders on 10 properties throughout the city

The City of Grand Prairie is getting ready to sell off its tax foreclosure properties and starting bids are as low as $3,000.

Single family homes are being offered at a fraction of market value. A three bedroom, one bath house in Grand Prairie that typically costs around $50,000 has a starting bid of $8,000.

About ten properties got passed on to the city when they didn't receive any bids at the Dallas County Sheriff's tax sale.

"The taxpayers are paying to maintain this and to keep it up to the city's standards and meet code enforcement standards," said senior Right-of-Way Agent Dwayne Tyner.

Tyner said a 'handyman special' would be a bargain when it becomes available for bidding.

"It's an opportunity for an investor to come in and acquire the house, improve the house, and enhance the value for the neighborhood," said Tyner.

Interested bidders can submit their sealed bids to the city starting at 10am on September 20th.

All sealed bids must be mailed or delivered to the city's Planning and Development Department at 206 W. Church Street, P.O. Box 534045, Grand Prairie, TX 75053.

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