Grand Prairie Fire Department Family Grows by 10 Babies in 12 Months

Ten firefighters, who are also new dads, pose with their infants in fire-house photos

Jen Morris Photography

The Grand Prairie Fire Department may have the makings for the most popular firefighter calendar of all time after sharing photos online of 10 infants born to firefighters in the last year.

"Ten of the most adorable babies have joined our family and we couldn’t be happier," the department said in a post on Facebook, adding that the children, 7 girls and 3 boys, range in age between 3 months and 12 months.

A picture of one baby is cute enough, but 10 babies? That's an opportunity for cuteness overload that should not be missed.

With dads in their bunker gear and the infants in adorable GPFD onesies, the parents and babies posed for a few shots among various fire-fighting apparatus with one of the new moms behind the camera.

Jen Morris Photography

The onesies, since you may be curious, featured a GPFD shield on the front and the department's initials on the rump.

The department shared three photos from the event, all taken by one of the new moms, Jen Morris.

The event left the GPFD wondering, "Future local firefighters perhaps?" Time will tell.

Jen Morris Photography

The photo is reminiscent of a picture shared by a group of nurses in Maine -- all of whom work at the Maine Medical Center in Portland are who are expecting babies to be born between April and July.  The nurses posed for a photo which can be seen here.

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