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Grand Prairie Family Opens Doors to Family of 5 From Afghanistan

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A Grand Prairie family opened their home to an Afghan family of five and they tell us it’s one of the best decisions they’ve made.

Life in the Puls household was never dull with two small children running around. Two weeks ago, though, it changed dramatically.

“We immediately thought we have our guest room, we can move our kids with us in our room and we could open up two more rooms,” said Brenna Puls.

That’s exactly what they did, and their family of four expanded to a household of nine. Mohamed, his wife, and their three small children now call Grand Prairie Texas home. The Puls family is now their family, and the house, for now, is theirs as well. The children and adults move about with such ease it might be hard to believe Mohammed’s journey here.

Mohammed documented the process from Afghanistan to the United States. The waiting, failed attempts, and conditions he endured to escape Taliban rule were captured on his cell phone.

“They told us to wait for the flight,” he said. “We waited all night and then just slept on the ground because there was no tent no room or nothing.”

He worked at the U.S. embassy and said flashing his badge helped them onto a cramped flight. It was his first-ever.

“I saw the woman die there I saw children die there, and they were just shooting to try to get the people to go back to not push,” said Mohammed.

Mohammed said he’d like to forget the trauma and look forward to what life will be in North Texas. Staying with the Puls family gives him a glimpse into the possibilities. As for Brenna Puls and her husband Mark, the meaning of family has been redefined.

“Life has no meaning unless you’re helping other people and trying to make life easier for those that you meet,” she said.

We’re told Mohammad and his family recently received assistance to move into their first apartment in the coming days.

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