Grand Prairie and Plano Offer Red Light Citation Amnesty

If you have an unpaid red light camera citations from Grand Prairie or Plano, you have a month to pay up before the cities turn your information over to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and make it impossible for you to renew your vehicle registration.

Grand Prairie and Plano are offering an amnesty period that runs until December 1, 2013.

Grand Prairie and Plano say there are more than 91,000 unpaid citations totaling more than $5 million dollars in fines. Police say some of the outstanding citations likely date back to 2007.

Tanisha Wilbon of Grand Prairie spent more than $300 of a few months paying red light camera tickets and says she's learned her lesson.

"I've learned now, I stop. Sometimes I hit my brakes real fast, so I don't end up running the light," she said.

Not every driver has been as quick to pay up as Wilbon, Jernesha McGhee says her citations are piling up because she's a nursing student and is struggling financially and hasn't been able to pay her citations.

"I have gotten at least about 15 or 20," said McGhee. "It's very expensive and I have four kids, so it's going to be very hard for me to pay them off."

Sgt. Eric Hansen with the Grand Prairie Police Department warns harsher consequences are looming if the citations aren't taken care of soon.

"Each one of these people has broken the law, and them choosing to ignore the responsibility to take care of the citations is going to come back to haunt them when they try to register their vehicles and the state is not going to allow them to do so," said Hansen.

On December 1, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles will place a hold on the renewal of the registration of any vehicle with outstanding red light citations until the fines are paid.

Fines can be paid online, by phone, by mail or in person.

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