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Grand Prairie 12-Year-Old Recognized for Saving Mom's Life

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Among some of the best and brightest health care heroes recognized at Methodist Mansfield’s Great Awards ceremony Thursday was a 12-year-old whose quick thinking saved his mom’s life.

“I’m very, very proud of Isaiah. I have no doubt in my mind that Isaiah was an integral part in saving his mom from a life of disability,” said nurse Rachel Cochran.

It was late last August when Isaiah Subia was home sick from school and realized something wasn’t right.

“I was folding laundry on the couch and my mom fell when she was trying to put up a dish. She fell on her knees,” he said.

His mother, Stephanie Subia, couldn’t speak.

On one hand, Isaiah dialed his grandmother. On the other, he called 911.

“I was scared and nervous,” he said.

When medics arrived, the then 11-year-old hopped into the ambulance, bringing along his mother’s medication. He talked first responders through her symptoms.

When they arrived at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, Cochran was among the first to respond.

She said she immediately recognized that Subia had suffered a stroke.

“When Stephanie came into the hospital, she couldn’t speak at all. Not only that, but she couldn’t move one side of her body. But with the help of her son, we were able to treat her in 27 minutes which is amazing,” she said.

It’s also life-saving time.

After 10 days in the hospital, Subia returned home to her family.

She’s undergone physical, cognitive and occupational therapies, and says she still has more recovery ahead.

Still, she’s grateful to be back in her normal routine.

“I give God all the glory because if he wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be alive today,” said Subia.

As he accepted his award, Isaiah said he believes the actions he took are what any kid would do for someone they love.

“I just want to say I would do anything for my mom and I love her so much,” he said.

Methodist awarded Isaiah the Community Health Hero Award, which was established to recognize people in the community doing great things to help save lives.

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