Grand Jury Indicts 2 Women Accused in Plano Murders

NBC 5 News

Two women were indicted Thursday by a Collin County grand jury in connection with the brutal deaths of a man and woman in Plano last year.

Carmen Moreno faces a capital murder charge and two drug possession charges out of Hidalgo County. Cynthia Wingate faces a capital murder charge, auto theft and two drug charges.

Moreno and Wingate are charged with the murders of 72-year-old Jimmy Farris and 71-year-old Theresa Coomes.

Police say the two women stabbed Coomes and Farris on Nov. 17 and were later arrested that night after a traffic stop south of Waco. The deputy found Wingate to be in possession of credit and debit cards, social security cards and a driver's license "belonging to elderly subjects in Plano."

One of the women charged in two Plano murders last month has confessed to the crimes, newly-released court documents show.

Deputies also found drugs in Wingate's car as well as two knives, one of which appeared to have blood on it.

While the stop was underway, Moreno exited a car that stopped in front of Wingate's and said she just wanted to obtain some property from Wingate. While talking with Moreno deputies noticed what appeared to be blood on her jacket and put her in handcuffs.

Moreno confessed to stabbing Farris and Coomes to death, according to court documents.

Moreno told investigators that they had an argument after Farris asked her to take a shower with him, according to the documents. She said she pepper sprayed him, then stabbed him the chest.

Moreno admitted she stabbed Coomes multiple times after she threatened to call the police, the documents said.

In November, NBC 5 talked with Lo Tatum, a friend of Wingate, who said Wingate had a love-hate relationship with Farris.

Tatum said she had recently spoke with Wingate before the arrest.

"I was just like, 'Alix, look at your face. You don't look like the same person, like, I can't really be around you knowing the type of person you are now,'" Tatum said.

Police have identified the man and woman found dead in a Plano apartment over the weekend as 71-year-old Theresa Coomes and 72-year-old Jimmy Farris.

Tatum said Wingate was addicted to methamphetamine, a drug McLennan County deputies said they found inside the car Wingate was driving when she was arrested.

Tatum said Farris bought the car for Wingate years ago. She said the two had an on-and-off relationship for years and once lived together at the complex where the murders happened.

"She lived there and what she would do is she would go hang out with him during the week and on the weekend we'd drive to Austin and spend the money he would give her," Tatum explained.

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