Grand Jury Declines to Indict Paxton in Land Deals

Attorney General still faces securities charges from earlier grand jury


A Collin County grand jury will issue no indictments after an "exhaustive" investigation of Attorney General Ken Paxton’s land deals, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Paxton still faces three felony securities charges after a separate grand jury indicted him last year.

In a statement, special prosecutors Miles Brissette and Bob Gill said no charges would be filed against anyone involving property transactions or the handling of Paxton’s investigation by the Collin County District Attorney’s office.

Questions had been raised about whether Paxton and others improperly profited from having inside information in a land deal involving the property where the Collin County Appraisal District offices were later built.

“After reviewing voluminous documents, hearing the testimony of numerous witnesses and conducting an exhaustive examination of all relevant information, the grand jury concluded that no further action was warranted,” Brissette and Gill wrote in the statement.

In an email to reporters, Paxton said he and his legal team were confident the grand jury would take no action and thanked the prosecutors.

In a related matter, a judge last week threw out a case that had challenged how the special prosecutors handling the pending securities case are getting paid.

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